John’s consultation supports organizations, government agencies, and community coalitions striving to increase health and/or housing equity.  His array of services have supported the success of:

  • A new affordable housing policy framework centering racial equity adopted by the Dallas City Council
  • Strategic planning and process improvement initiatives to improve homeless and other vulnerable populations’ access to critical health care and housing services in communities across the nation
  • Coaching and technical assistance for community health centers enabling more equitable access to Paxlovid and telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A needs assessment and investigation of best practices for a supportive housing and emergency shelter provider struggling to meet the health needs of its aging clients
  • State of Washington legislative action to include medical respite care coverage in the state’s successful Medicaid 1115 waiver application
  • A National Health Care for the Homeless Council white paper detailing promising practices for integrating behavioral healthcare services into medical respite care programs

Strategic planning

John partners with organizations and communities to create transformative strategic plans grounded in adaptive leadership and collaboration. He provides comprehensive planning services, including facilitation, research, analysis, and workplan preparation. He specializes in leading teams through the discomfort of disrupting habitual and siloed methods of problem solving that don’t align with new learning and changing environmental conditions. The teams he supports move bravely into new, less familiar territory and explore with fresh eyes how to test innovation and cross traditional agency boundaries to advance the cause of health and housing equity.

Racial Equity Organizational Development

John provides coaching, mentoring, and facilitation services to leaders committed to addressing the long-standing influence of institutionalized racism and structural inequities on the lives of both clients and staff of color. He collaborates with consultants working full-time on racial equity issues and draws on the lessons learned in developing a comprehensive racial equity action plan for a network of community health care agencies. Having grappled with the question of where to start as a white leader of an organization seeking to better reach and serve People of Color, John helps others answer this question for themselves. His facilitation work emphasizes the importance of normalizing dialog around the bias and white supremist assumptions that are simply part of the smog we all breathe in our society.

Technical assistance and Training

John provides an array of technical assistance and training geared toward increasing organizational capacity and effectiveness in serving homeless and other vulnerable populations. Examples include Community Needs Assessments involving patients and front-line service providers; embedding primary care clinics in community mental health facilities; Medicaid 1115 waivers; communicable disease prevention and disaster response planning; medical respite/recuperative care program development, financing, and management; mobile medical, dental, and mental health services; Board of Directors development; federal grant development and compliance (including site visit preparation and public-entity Community Health Center special issues); and integrating Medication Assisted Treatment, harm reduction and other behavioral health services at supportive housing buildings, shelters, encampments, primary care clinics, and mobile health clinics.

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Program and Partnership Development

John facilitates collaboration and cross-agency innovation in service of health and housing equity. He brings together hospitals, managed care organizations, government, community planning entities, housing and homeless services providers, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and behavioral health treatment agencies to tackle seemingly intractable problems that no one sector can solve on its own. He brings wide-ranging technical expertise, a consensus-building mindset, and twenty years of resource development success to creating partnerships that eliminate barriers for our most vulnerable community members.

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Leadership Development​

A member of the International Coaching Federation, John employs a co-active approach to coaching C-Suite leaders, program managers, and other professionals. In co-active coaching, the client determines their goals and development priorities based on their vision for greater professional and personal fulfillment. The coach brings to the partnership a healthy dose of curiosity — plus a set of tools for supporting the client in moving from purpose and passion (their Why) to a structured plan with clear action steps, a timeline, and accountability. As a mindfulness meditation instructor, John also helps clients learn techniques for leading from a place of increased mindfulness and awareness.