Coaching and Consultation for Transformational Leaders

Leading transformational change calls for growth at a personal, organizational, and political level. John Gilvar draws on his 25+ years in community and organizational leadership roles to provide:


For people seeking to transform their professional lives, organizations, or communities.


To accelerate the transformation of policies, programs, and services and build kinder, more equitable communities.

John collaborates with his COACHING clients to develop a path toward their deepest aspirations for authentic, profound change. It’s work that involves adaptive leadership, whether the client’s primary focus is on leading their life in alignment with their highest purpose or leading an organization’s or program’s progress toward its most audacious goals.

John’s CONSULTATION supports organizations, government agencies, and community coalitions striving to increase health and/or housing equity. He provides strategic planning facilitation, needs assessments, policy development, team building, program design, community engagement, and technical assistance. He helps clients maximize the problem-solving impact of sharing decision making with people with lived expertise and frontline service providers.

A Racial Equity Lens

John supports agencies prioritizing the work required to center racial equity in programs and policies addressing housing and health needs.

He believes that ending injustices like homelessness depends on calling out institutional racism and how it manifests as both implicit bias and outright discrimination.

He works to amplify the voices of people with lived experience of systemic racism and facilitate meaningful power sharing in planning and decision-making. In this and other ways, he helps organizations and communities improve understanding of the historical and ongoing structural barriers at the root of health and housing disparities impacting Black, Brown, Indigenous and other People of Color.

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