Supporting Transformation for Health and Housing Equity

Leading change while keeping the doors open and the lights on entails quite a juggling act.

Gilvar Consulting can help.

Gilvar Consulting helps leaders meet complex, adaptive challenges.

John partners with leaders of organizations throughout the health and housing sectors to navigate new territory while enhancing their ability to sustain operations. Drawing on 20 years of developing and leading effective cross-sector partnerships and mission-driven teams, he offers a unique blend of coaching, consultation, and technical assistance focused on expanding the capacity to both transform and thrive.

Transformational initiatives John has supported:

Health Systems

Helping hospital systems and Managed Care Organizations develop new housing and health care resources for difficult-to-discharge or medically vulnerable people without stable housing

Housing-Health Partnerships

Fostering innovation among housing agencies, community health centers, hospitals, safety net mental health providers, and substance use treatment agencies to better serve people whose unmanaged chronic health conditions jeopardize stability in housing


Developing new mechanisms to forward population health strategies and community health service integration for improved health and housing outcomes

Health Centers

Supporting Community Health Centers and behavioral health agencies to integrate, rather than simply co-locate, services

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